Collide Village is a milestone driven accelerator where we invest in startups, teach them about evidence based entrepreneurship, and help founders brand and commercialize their innovations.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Start-up
Mentors, partners, investors, university alliances, and corporate patrons make up our village. This network prides itself on providing our start-ups with the support they need. This is both our network and our village!

An exclusive list of top-level mentors from across the nation chooses to donate time, knowledge, and experience to our start-ups. These mentors have demonstrated success and lived a life of their own in the start-up world. They drive our Village to the next level.

A key differentiating factor of the CVAP is that start-ups perform extensive customer validation before investing in further product development. After market validation, start-ups work with top-notch market research firms and expert branding mentors. They develop go-to-market and marketing and branding strategies. Start-ups complement their product understanding with meaningful consumer and market insights.

Our supporters are vested in CVAP’s success. They are industry leading technology, business services, and legal firms. In addition, top VC firms and local and national angel investors work with CVAP. The Village provides networking opportunities to help you find potential partners and experts who can help propel your start-up to success.

Goal Driven
We are redefining how accelerators conclude their programs. CVAP is milestone driven, meaning we measure a start-up’s success against its goals. An investor’s view of a company as “I’ll know when I see the product” isn’t a formal way of assessing project maturity or quantifying risk. We provide these investors a common language that communicates objectives to start-ups. We do this by defining Investment Readiness Level (IRL). IRL is a bridge that connects the capital-efficient Lean Startup process and the capital-raising process for founders.

Seed Funding?
We invest $25k in seed stage funds. With this funding, start-ups perform first hand customer validations. They also develop a strong marketing message while working with market research partners and some of the best agencies in Dallas, TX.

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