Innovation can be difficult and expensive

Most companies struggle for the right balance between scaling operations and investment into future products or services. Even with a strong desire to look to the future, most companies do not possess the necessary resources to continuously innovate. Some of the biggest companies in the world like Exxon Mobil, Target, Intel, and Cisco choose to invest in venture and startup programs knowing that inventive ideas may come from outside their organizations.

What is Open Innovation?

A model whereby companies utilize outside ideas and concepts to advance their capabilities.

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Our Process

At the Bridge Alliance, we think the startup and academic ecosystems can be utilized to address the innovation needs and business challenges many companies face today. We help companies accomplish their innovation goals by curating North Texas startups and academic research through Open Innovation as a Service (OIaaS).

1. Expose

Bridge-Alliance-Expose We will report on ideas and products from startups and academia through our research report and events.

Think of us as the Forrester or Gartner of startups in North Texas.

2. Experience


We will curate and facilitate focused sessions for corporations to get hands on with ideas and products of greatest interest.

private pitch day for your company, these sessions are designed to address the specific needs of the enterprise. Focused and efficient.

3. Execute


After making the match with a startup or academic institution, we will facilitate and work with your company to create a collaborative project.

If your company, startup or school require help, we have trusted execution service members with the skills to make your vision possible.

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